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It's easy to look at web development as a singular entity which ends with launch. However, building your website is only part of the story. A high quality website needs to be supported and enhanced, well beyond its initial launch date, to ensure that it evolves as your business grows. And we know that you need a committed web development firm.

More than defect fixing...

At Dervac Technologies we believe that support goes far beyond fixing defects. We provide a service to you that's more like a partnership - giving you the experience and our continued commitment to ensure your website grows and changes with your organisation.

Our support team use a ticket system for processing and managing all your requests. This system allows you to log in and track the status of your tickets and receive automatic notifications when your tickets progress.

Our Customer Support service is tailored to your specific needs. This means that we can offer you the best possible service that meets your needs and the needs of your audience, within your budget.

Contact us to find out more.

Web Hosting

Deciding your website hosting is an essential aspect of your web project.

Shared Hosting

We provide a range of hosting options on our shared servers to meet your needs, ranging from an application server, database, CMS to a staging environment. This solution provides everything that you would expect from a quality web hosting solution, including high bandwidth, security updates, backups and user-activity statistics reporting.

Dedicated server hosting

If your website needs the performance of a dedicated server, we can help you choose a suitable package and then configure the server and roll your website out to it.

Virtual hosting

Virtual hosting gives you the benefits of dedicated hosting (your own web server, database and application stack) with the flexibility of shared hosting and more. You can start and stop your server, create clones and increase the capacity (more memory, disk and CPU) and you only pay for what you use.

Not sure?

 If you are unsure whether you need a dedicated or virtual server we can host your website on one of our servers while your traffic builds up and upgrade if and when the activity on your site warrants it.

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Our Commitment

11-03-2015 Hits:4900 Developer Super User - avatar Super User

We are committed to excellence, on time delivery, prompt after sales support to ensure highest customer satisfaction by adhering to quality standards and latest technologies at reasonable competitive charge through continued...

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24-02-2015 Hits:4665 Dervac Super User - avatar Super User

To become one, of the world's leading provider of information technology infrastructure and software that touches and build from the ground up for high-speed electronic business between organizations and individuals...

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Our Promise

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Our Promise

To make you, our valued clients stay ahead of today's technology by providing updated IT Solutions

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To use highest skills, tools and platforms as a force to secure a healthy, user-friendly ICT based solutions in convincing and exceed our customers’ expectations every time with our superior...

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Quality Assurance

24-02-2015 Hits:4632 Dervac Super User - avatar Super User

Every new product, project or process at Dervac technologies is a quality initiative to surpass previous standards and present requirements. We had over the year evolved a Quality Management (QM)...

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